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By the time we reach adulthood, we feel that we have a good idea of who we are, what motivates us, and where we would like to be in the future. However, no matter how old we are, life occasionally pulls the rug from under us, forcing us to re-evaluate our values and self-image. Around the age twenty nine and also in our early forties (the ‘mid-life crisis’) most of us seem to experience such an ordeal – reflected astrologically by (amongst other factors) Saturn’s return to its birth position at twenty nine years and Uranus reaching the opposite zodiac degree to its birth position at around forty two years. The particular way in which someone experiences these turning points will be reflected in that person’s birth chart.
However, most periods of crisis and (ideally) re-orientation do not correspond to set ages because they are reflected by a planet’s present position relative to the birth position of a different planet. Whenever we find ourselves at such a turning point, astrology can help us to understand where the deeper self is trying to direct us and for what purpose.
Whatever our route, we are all asked to continually re-assess the premises upon which we base our lives. While we may believe ourselves to be truly independent and solid individuals, most of us still carry values and opinions handed to us by our parents and society while we were too young and vulnerable to refute them. The rebelliousness of adolescence, while it does have a separating effect, is not nearly powerful enough to undo such conditioning. Age is no guarantee of psychological maturity, which develops only as we let go of the borrowed values around which we have structured our lives, but which leave us feeling hollow because they are not our own.
Indeed it seems that on some unconscious level we delay certain psychological stages of growth until the second half of life, when we are more reflective and humble. There may be a deep sense of loss at times, but the path of growth is less painful in the long term than the gnawing sense of futility and confinement which accumulates when we deny our potential.
The birth chart can therefore open up new vistas to even the most seasoned amongst us. The potential of psychological astrology to help in this regard has never been greater as our fifties and sixties are increasingly seen more as a second childhood than a time of stagnation. To remain creative citizens we must keep pace with our deeper Self in its impetus towards wholeness.
Whatever our ‘achilles heal’ happens to be, and in whichever area of life it pains us most, an examination of the birth chart can help us to turn things around. It can offer a liberating awareness of the connection between what we meet in the world around us and the values and expectations we carry inside. It can help us to take stock of where we have journeyed so far, and what within us remains unexplored.