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Okapi Skills Sharing

I'm offering a course which consists of five 90 minute workshops, with five places on the course.

This is an opportunity for people with little or no knowledge of astrology to explore the basics of birth chart interpretation. Participants must be at least 16 years old.

The charts of group members will be used as example charts, so it is also an opportunity to develop greater self-awareness. For more information on how astrology may be able to help you to better understand your needs and potentials, see the home page of this site. There are also more in depth essays on the site for further reading.

There is no expectation that anyone on the course will share details of their lives during the workshops. There is obviously an expectation that anything said during the workshops is strictly confidential. If anyone needs to ask in private how anything in their chart relates to issues on their personal life, then that's fine, too.

Once a list of participants has been made, it will be shown to everyone on the list in case anyone wishes to withdraw due to boundary issues, etc.

The workshops are free, but room rental will need to be covered by participants. This money will be collected before the course starts so that if someone drops out at any point, room hire is still covered for the others. The cost is likely to be around £15 per person for the whole course. I'll arrange a room when I know that five people are interested. If a free, private space can be found, then the course is free.

If interested please email me at mikeeyre07@yahoo.com or send me a private message on facebook.

Please feel free to pass on this link to others you know who may be interested. This page cannot be accessed from the rest of this site - only with the link. The course will run from mid November and be one evening per week, finishing before Christmas.

Best wishes

Mike Eyre   B.A. hons.  Dip Coun.  AAGB.