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Both evening and daytime appointments are available, either in person in Lancaster or over the telephone.
A recording of the session can be made, if you wish, and given to you on CD (or emailed or put on your own usb stick) at no extra charge.
I ask for a 50% deposit at least one week in advance of our meeting (and final payment prior to the reading in the case of a telephone appointment.)
Reflective Astrology is now part of Lancaster based local currency The Realm Exchange, making these services more easily available to those who are unemployed or on a low income. The prices given in realm hours reflect the actual length of time spent in providing the service, including preparation. If you live in the Lancaster (UK) area and would like to know more about The Realm Exchange, then please click here.

Gift Vouchers

If you would like to give a reading as a gift, I'll send you a personalised invitation for the recipient(s) to contact me to make an appointment as soon as I receive your payment. If the recipient declines the invitation for any reason, then payment will be refunded in full. 
Relationship readings are often given as engagement or wedding presents. Birth chart readings for babies are often given to the parents or guardians. An astrological reading not only adds a sense of importance to such times - it also helps to foster confidence about the future.

Realms: Gift vouchers may be purchased in realms or realm hours.

Birth Chart Reading

A look at the various features of your birth chart - to celebrate and nurture your uniqueness, and also to see if any of your energies are currently manifesting in self-defeating ways. If you wish, we can lay greater emphasis on any pressing issues, for example vocation, health or relationships. We will also discuss which areas of your psyche and your life will be ready for expansion or refinement during the coming year, so that you can work more consciously and creatively with these processes.

The session will last around 90 minutes   

Price options:         £65          65 realms         4.5 realm hours


Reading For A Baby Or Child

A discussion with the parent(s) or guardian(s) about the themes in the child's chart. How will s/he feel safe and engaged? How is s/he born to thrive, and which issues need careful handling to encourage the development of healthy attitudes? The feelings and motivations behind any puzzling or troubling behaviour can be examined. We will also discuss the child's likely areas of growth, interest, and sensitivity during the coming year.

The session will last around 90 minutes                        
Price options:          £65           65 realms          4.5 realm hours


Chart Comparison - Synastry

If only one person will be present, I usually need the consent of the other person concerned, unless they are a child or they have passed away.
If both people are present, each of you will receive a short consultation, focusing on relationship needs, while the other quietly witnesses. Then we will put the charts together. We will note areas where you are naturally in harmony (and check that you are fully exploiting this) and look at areas where openness and understanding may be needed to release the growthful potential of difficult dynamics. We will also look at how each person's relationship needs (and therefore the relationship itself) are likely to develop in the year ahead.
The session will last around two hours                         
Price options:           £125           125 realms        8.5 realm hours

Written Interpretation


An essay written entirely without the use of interpretive computer software. You can request that I focus on specific areas of life, or give a broad interpretation. A look ahead to the next 12 months is also included. If you need further clarification, you can email me for a further response free of charge. 

The interpretation will be around 5,000 words                
Price options:            £95           95 realms            6.5 realm hours


Ongoing Sessions

Regular sessions following the initial consultation offer ongoing support and a space to explore the issues raised in greater depth, either simply with dialogue, or perhaps using other tools such as visualisation or astrodrama (a more experiential way into the dynamics which are discussed during a normal consultation) if you wish.

Each session will last one hour                                      
Price options:             £25            25 realms            1.5 realm hours

Disability & Home Visits
Further Discussion: