Disability And Home Visits


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If for any reason you are travelling with someone else, they are welcome to wait in another room, or even in the same room if appropriate. But if you would like the consultation to be more private, there is a cafe at the train station at the end of the road, and Lancaster City Centre is a 5 minute walk away with all the usual things to shelter and occupy your travelling companion for an hour or so! To find out what is happening in Lancaster click onto this comprehensive volunteer-run site: www.virtual-lancaster.net


Home Visits

If you are not able to travel to my address due to physical or psychological difficulty, or if your only free time is when the children are in bed and there isn't anyone to mind them, I can to travel to you, as long as you are within a few miles of Lancaster City Centre (as I cycle rather than drive.)


Wheelchair Access

Consultations take place on the ground floor, and the narrowest doorway will accommodate a wheelchair that is up to 700mm (27 1/2 inches) wide. Unfortunately, the toilet is situated on the first floor and there is no stair lift. There are disabled toilets very close by at the train station which may be of use.


Deafness And Hearing Impairment

Since I cannot sign, the length of a session can be extended to allow for the use of an accompanying signer or lip-reading.


Blindness And Visual Impairment

I would be very happy to meet your train or bus and walk with you from, and back to, the bus or train station.

If it would be of help I can enlarge the charts and use a paper colour of your choice (please warn me in advance.)


Consultations By Phone

I am open to giving a birth chart reading over the phone where this is unavoidable, though I prefer to work face-to-face. I can call your landline or mobile number at no extra cost.

Have I Missed Anything?

If you can think of anything else I may be able to do to make this service accessible to all, please let me know.


Disability and Home Visits
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