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A 10 week course, starting in September 2016, exploring how a child's birth chart can give insight into her/his reality and natural pattern of development.

Classes will he held in Lancaster on a weekday evening between 7pm and 9pm, with five classes in each half of the school Autumn term. The fee for the course is £95, and a £50 deposit secures a place on the course. 

Class sizes will be small (maximum 6). A commitment to confidentiality and respect for fellow students is of course expected. It is not necessary to be a parent or guardian to enrol on the course.

A choice of assignments will be given each week throughout the course which are optional and designed to build on the what has been looked at in the class. They will focus mainly on getting more deeply into the chart(s) you have brought to the course. Any work done outside the class can be handed in for comment.


We will first look at what a birth chart can and cannot tell us about an individual, before learning about the meanings of the planets, the signs, and the other symbols commonly used in astrology.

We will study the charts of our own children as examples of astrology at work. You will also have the option of using your own birth chart on the course to see how your own childhood experiences are reflected in the chart, and to see how your astrological/psychological themes have been inherited by your children. The birth data will be collected prior to the start of the course, and charts will be printed ready for the first week.

With regard to the different schools of psychology, the intention is to try to remain neutral. However, the insights of psychologists such as Jung, Freud and Steiner will be drawn from as we seek to understand how the universal symbols of astrology play out in the realm human psychology. If you have some knowledge of a particular school of psychology, then you are very welcome to bring that into discussions.



Astrology For Parents
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