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Welcome to Reflective Astrology based in Lancaster, UK - providing astrological counselling, consultations and tuition.
I began studying astrology in 1994 and qualified as a person-centred counsellor in 1998. The rest of this page outlines how I use astrology.
The 'Consultations' page gives descriptions of the services I offer, with prices given not only in pound sterling, but also in the Lancaster-based local currency realms and realm hours.
More information can be found through the other side-bar headings, including upcoming astrology courses in Lancaster.

If you have any questions please get in touch.

Best wishes, 
Mike Eyre   B.A. hons.  Dip Coun.  AAGB.


What Is Astrology?

As above, so below: the arrangement of the Sun, Moon and planets around Earth, and worldly events and dramas, are expressions of the same archetypal energies. These energies form a unique pattern in each moment, which can be discerned from the positions of the planets. Astrology is about becoming aware of these patterns and understanding how we can express them in fruitful and meaningful ways.


The Birth Chart

Your birth chart shows how space looked from your birth place at the moment of your birth. It is a reflection of your unique mix of talents and sensitivities - an affirmation of your right (and need) to be true to yourself. Your chart can also show where habitual ways of being may prevent you from living spontaneously in the present moment.
You'll know your Sun sign, but there is also the Moon (concerning emotional satisfaction and security, and your instinctive habit patterns), Mercury (how you think, learn and communicate), Venus (what makes life feel beautiful and worthwhile) and all the other planets of the Solar System. Their zodiac signs, positions relative to the horizon (called houses), and the geometric patterns they made with each other at the time of your birth are all represented in the birth chart.
To see an example birth chart in a new window click here


How Can Astrology Help You?

Astrology opens up a broader perspective from which difficult emotions are seen as vehicles for growth rather than something to either deny or helplessly endure. Your birth chart can help you to see how conflicting needs can be balanced and reconciled, and thus how recurring difficulties in your life may be laid to rest. Your chart will also show any innate strengths which are waiting to be developed.

Comparing your chart with that of another person is called synastry. It brings into focus the similarities and differences between you, and the ways in which you push one another's buttons, positively or negatively. This kind of understanding can stimulate new growth and bring more harmony to your relationship. Any relationship can be looked at, for example partners, parent-child, adult-parent, or even the relationship between a person and a company or a nation.


Astrology And Prediction

Since astrology cannot show with certainty how or if a potential will manifest, I do not try to foretell future events. However, your birth chart can be compared to planetary positions at various times of your life in order to find meaning and clarity in past and present experiences. It can also show when more of your potential is likely to unfold in the future, and the kinds of experiences or emotions which are likely to prompt and accompany this unfolding. Understanding the deeper purpose and timing of a difficult phase of life can be of great comfort, and help you to constructively use the extra energy which is often available at such times.


Do I Need Your Exact Birth Time?

The more accurate the better, but around 75% of useful information can be obtained using only your date of birth. It is important that I know how accurate the birth time is likely to be so that I can allow for this when interpreting the chart.


What Will Happen In A Consultation?

Before we meet, we'll talk on the phone to establish what you are looking to gain from the reading.

During the consultation we will look at how you are currently experiencing and expressing the potentials shown in your chart. We can then consider this from the viewpoint of your whole self. This will expose any self-defeating fears and habits, and also foster a stronger sense of clarity and purpose. We will also look at how you can get the most out of the energies that will be available to you (or thrust upon you!) in the coming year.

A reading can be broad and general, or you may choose to focus on particular issues. If there are any issues that your are not comfortable speaking about, I can talk in general terms about the relevant part of your chart and you can then apply this to your own experiences privately.
As we will cover a lot of ground during the session, I will record the session (if you feel comfortable with this) so that you can review what has been said at a later date.
I approach consultations without judging or trying to influence. All matters discussed by us, as well as your chart and birth details, are treated confidentially, except in an extreme instance where something that you say causes me to feel strong concern for yourself or another.
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